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    Our Starfield countdown clock's only got about a quarter of a year left. It's been a long road starward since Bethesda's space RPG reveal back in 2018, but we've got a September 2023 launch date locked in and our hold's loaded with a cargo of carefully collected Starfield info. Fasten your spacesuit, cross your fingers, and hope we don't have any more surprise delays before takeoff.

    Considering it's Bethesda's first fully new series in a quarter century, it won't shock anyone to say that Starfield's got some astronomic hype built up as we barrel towards release day. And they know it, too; they've been parceling out just enough info to stoke speculation. Until Starfield's launch later this year, we'll be mining every detail about its story, factions, characters, locations, systems, and spaceships. Here's everything we know so far about Starfield.